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o Registered with the Ministry of Trade & Industry in 1994.

o World-wide travel management experience.

o Intellectual capital management experience of over twelve years.

o Average travel management employee experience of more than five years.

o Employees receive continuous travel management training and development.

o To build morale within the company, mentoring sessions are held through an independent human resources officer.

o IATA - International Air Travel Association

o ANTA - Association of Namibian Travel Agencies

o TASA - Tour and Safari Association of Namibia

o NCCI - Namibia Chamber of Commerce & Industries

o NAMFISA - Namibia Financial Institutions Supervisory Authority

o HAN - Hospitality Association of Namibia

o CARAN - CAR Association of Namibia



We have world-wide standing corporate agreements with:

o International airlines & air charters

o International hotel groups

o Tour operators & car rental groups

o Travel insurance groups

o Embassies

o Flight reservations

o Accommodation reservations

o Employees travel insurance

o Work permit applications

o Visa applications

o Car rental

o Airport transfer services

o Ticket delivery services

o Avis car rental rapid action plan for VIP’s

o Air Namibia award program and incentives for your company

o Diners Club membership to eliminate paperwork and budget control

o Events managements and conferencing for your company

o Group packages: conferences, summits and workshops

o Long term accommodation arrangements

o Competitive pricing strategy.

o Comprehensive range of products and services.

o Value added client services such as VIP services for e.g. Meet & Greet and Point-to-Point.

o Service based on controlling client company travel expenses.

o All company supplier invoices validated and paid by Welwitschia Travel cc.

o Employee training, development and mentorship programs to empower previously disadvantaged employees.

o Social responsibility:

Annual contribution to charity organisations sponsorships

o Welwitschia Travel will provide informed proposals of the best possible travel arrangements based on convenience to the travellers as well as price. Our consultants automatically request information linked to the traveller in respect of the mode of travel and will enquire whether airport car parking and hotel accommodation is required.

o Welwitschia Travel Management will create, develop and maintain personal profiles of company regular travellers to avoid any replication of administrative effort.

o Welwitschia Travel CC will ensure that only an appropriately trained and experienced corporate travel consultant will be utilised to service company travel needs as well as ensure consistency and continuity of approach.

o We will ensure that there are sufficient corporate travel consultants to cover shortage of personnel and for periods of fluctuation in company travel needs.

o We will also ensure that information provided to company travellers or employees arranging travelling is clearly presented and easy to understand.

o The travel management consultants at Welwitschia Travel CC operates on extended working hours and we guarantee 24 hour assistance as part of its service to companies.

o Welwitschia Travel CC has 24 hour connection to the Focal Point-NET program that will allow us to keep track of company business trips.

o Our office is linked to the Galileo global distribution system on 24 hour connection.

o Our office operates a full service emergency assistance mobile line number, as advertised in the telephone directory.

o As a value-added service, our office provides full service compliance and pre-seating.

In-Travel Support:

Welwitschia Travel management will provide assistance to company travellers in the event of difficulties either pre-trip or whilst travelling. The assistance, to a minimum cover:

- Loss of tickets, cash, passport/visa.

- Travel delays.

- Queries arising.

- Problems with hotel bookings.

- Ability to change travel arrangements en-route.

- We provide details of the assistance available both locally and overseas.

Emergency Services Support:

Welwitschia Travel has established procedures and communication systems for dealing with a disaster (e.g. accident, outbreak of hostilities, natural disasters).

We clearly state wherever possible what facilities will be available to assist travellers.

Customer Services:

Welwitschia Travel management will maintain the following with companies.

- Customer complaints procedures.

- Internal escalation procedures.

- Quality assurance programs.

Welwitschia Travel management shall maintain account management information reporting systems that are capable of providing reports on the following, to a minimum:

o Monthly invoices will be sent or delivered to companies.

o Payment records will be updated monthly.

o Any discrepancies that may arise can be sorted out with the company’s consultant or management.

o Itemised travel expenditure by your company.

o Monthly summary of expenditure by your company.

o Frequent user routes/services of your company.

o Annual summary of the management information required.

o Management information reports within three calendar weeks from the end of each calendar month.

o Service-based on controlling your company’s travelling costs and dedicated quality control.

o Exception reporting on any travel activity by employees that breaches the company’s travel policy.

o Expert advice on a cost effective travel policy and on system developments likely to enhance the efficiency of your company’s travel procurement.

o All services to companies will be guaranteed with an impeccable service.

o Value for money.

o Our office guarantees 24 hours emergency assistance.

o Established relationships and proven track records.

o Leading Black Economic Empowerment Travel Management Agency.

o We have an unblemished record with key role players in the Namibian Economy.